Web Image Processing Environment

(WWW Information Processing Environment)


WIPE Fusion Server(s)

The WIPE architecture provides interactive network access to over 200 hundred dynamic and static data streams.  In particular, e.g. :
+NAVY/FNMOC Model Data, 
+NAVY/NRL-SSC Products, and
+Static Data ,e.g. Bathymetry, DTED, ...

Connect to: local WIPE server

REACT - Rapid Environmental Assessment Composition Tools (REACT)

ACT has extended WIPE capabilities with a client application that works in all the key operating systems and graphical user interfaces.  The end-user is exposed to four key functional tools, i.e.

  • A development environment,
  • Network Centric Data Access 
    [client-to-server and peer-to-peer]
  • Decision Support , and 
  • Institutional answers.


WIPE  Data Base Manager(s)

Providing configuration control via
the WIPE
Data Base Manager  (administrator only)

  • data access criteria,
  • data collections for ingestion,
  • custom local products,
  • watchdogs, 
  • house-keeping  , ...
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            For login/password access the WIPE system administrator


WIPE/PIPE/REACT are Copyrighted 1998-2006, by Applied Coherent Technology Corporation (http://www.actgate.com).